Cool Enclosure

Ensuring that your VFD stays cool and clean so that your pump stays running is our priority. That’s why we’ve engineered the most efficient and environmentally friendly enclosure on the market today. Our competitors use a ventilation system to cool the VFD, but in harsh climates where ambient temperatures reach highs of over 100 degrees farenheit and debris-filled winds threaten the integrity of your electronic equipment, air-cooled models are problematic. By cooling the electronic equipment in a totally sealed enclosure using a readily available water source as a coolant, debris and moisture contamination is virtually non-existent. This liquid-   cool advantage makes this enclosure ideal for markets such as;  telecommunication systems, drilling, mining, pumping, and irrigation.

Pictoral representation of how Naab Electric's environmentally friendly geothermal system keeps VFD cool by utilizing aquifer water as a coolant.