Cool VFD Precision Pumping System

Protecting your crops

Rising costs in farming are increasing the need for more efficient irrigation processes in agriculture. The CoolVFD® Precision Pumping System is designed to optimize the supply of water and save energy while protecting your irrigation equipment to reduce downtime and water loss. 

The CoolVFD® Precision Pumping System offers the ability to adjust the output of an irrigation pump to match the variable operating conditions at reduced energy costs while keeping it cool and protected.  

Saving Time and Money

Keeping your cost, time and maintenance under control is very important for your successful farming operation. Fossil fuel engines are only a maximum of 40% efficient and require continual refueling and maintenance which can be very expensive. And conventional electric motors for irrigation operate at a fixed speed designed for maximum water flow which leads to much wear and tear and high operating costs. Therefore there is a tremendous potential for energy savings by retrofitting the constant speed controller to the variable frequency drive (VFD). The conversion has a very short payback period based entirely on energy conservation and minimal maintenance.