Rural Energy for America Program
03 January 2017

Through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development helps fnance the cost of renewable energy systems and energy effciency improvements for rural small businesses and agricultural producers. 

The CoolVFD Precision Pumping System is a geothermal system that uses existing water sources to cool electronics that control the output of the pump.  When you are able to control your output you lower your energy costs and boost your bottom line.  Many of our customers have benefiited from this grant opportunity to update their operation and make it energy and cost efficient. 

Grant:  REAP grants may cover up to 25% of a project's eligible costs.

Energy efficiency projects:  $1,500 minimum grant request;  $250,000 maximum grant request. 

Loan Guarantee:  With REAP, USDA Rural Development may guarantee up to 85% of a commercial loan to helo you access affordable financing for your energy project.  Rates and terms are negotiated between you and your lender, subject to USDA approval. 

Combination Guarantee and Grant:  You may combine REAP grant and loan guarantee assistance to cover up to 75% of eligible projct costs.

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