About Us

We believe that nature is our greatest teacher.  By combining nature’s principles with the latest technology, we can work in harmony with our environment to provide the customer with maximum results by minimizing demands on their time and resources. 

We specialize in reliable, fully-sealed, climate-controlled electrical enclosures and turn-key automated systems that are simplified to maximize the user’s time and designed to extend the shelf-life of electrical equipment by protecting it from the elements while keeping it cool. 

Being a company located in Western Kansas we are no stranger to the elements - extreme heat, cold and wind.  For over 30 years, we have exceeded our customers needs by providing them with the most reliable and environmentally-economical solutions.  We’ve done this by keeping their electronics cool, clean, and running smoothly in the field regardless of (harsh) environmental factors.  

Our Mission

Providing green cutting-edge solutions for heat-generating electronics and mechanical devices.

Our Vision

We aim to provide people with green, reliable solutions that allow them to save time, money, and natural resources for their electronic systems.