Naab Electric Installs Cool VFD Precision Pumping Systems at client locations. Cool VFD offers significant savings by reducing energy costs up to 75% while keeping the drive cool and protected.

Cool VFD Precision Pumping System

We sell green enclosures to customers who need precision and peace of mind for their electrical systems.  Unlike our competitors, we offer fully-sealed, climate-controlled enclosures that can be installed in harsh environments while still ensuring maximum shelf-life and minimal maintenance and saving the customer up to 75% in energy costs.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly enclosure for VFDs, engineered by Naab Electric, a leading manufacturer of geothermal-cooled enclosures for variable frequency drives and electrical equipment.

Cool Enclosure

Ensuring that your VFD stays cool and clean so that your pump stays running is our priority. That’s why we’ve engineered the most efficient and environmentally friendly enclosure on the market today.